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Solar Consultants

Providing expert solar consulting and logistics for YOUR solar project needs!

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Solar Photovoltaic Power

Solar Energy for grid-intertie and off-grid. 
Run Your Meter Backwards – Legally!
On sunny days when the solar electric system generates more power than you use, it feeds the excess power back into the local utility lines for others to buy. Called “net-metering,” this makes the customer’s electric meter run backward , resulting in substantial saving on the monthly utility bill. Own your electricity, rather than “renting” it from the utility, add equity to your home, & start putting money back into your pocket every year as electric rates continue to climb.

Solar Pool Heating

Energy saving state-of-the-art solar pool heating. 

Triple Your Swimming Season!
If you are like most pool owners today, you spend money maintaining your pool year round but only get to enjoy it during the hottest months of the year. Now you can afford to make your pool a warm and friendly place by tripling your swimming season. Let Solar Consultants turn your pool into a backyard fun center with a temperature controlled solar heating system! Remember – a heated pool is one that gets used a lot!

Tear-downs & Haul-offs for Renovation

Re-roofing projects are our specialty!

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Save Over 30% Off Your Electric Bill!
At Solar Consultants, we always encourage our customers to invest in a solar water heat before solar electric systems. Focusing on solar water heating allows us to put the sun to work where it is most efficient – generating heat. In fact, a $7,000 solar water heating system in Florida will generate the same amount of energy as a $20,000+ solar electric system!We can retrofit or install new!

Let Us Know How We Can Help

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We have experience with projects that range from just a few solar panels to heat your pool to resorts.

We have installed solar PV systems that provide power from 4kW to over 1MW.

We will work with you to meet your budget, save you money on the installation and enjoy decades of savings from our products!

Every project is given the attention it deserves. We strive to meet all our targets, regarding material procurement, delivery and installation to your site, and maintenance services.

Ask about obtaining a service contract!

We also provide real-time monitoring for your systems, so you can always view your investment as it saves you money!

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Custom Built Ground Mount

We build custom mounts from a variety of materials, all to the required building codes. We are licensed to install and these systems are rated to Florida hurricane standards.

Solar Heating for Pools

Roof or Ground Mount solar pool heating systems, using Solar Industries, SMA and Pentair equipment. Highest quality, and affordable!

Roof Mounted Solar PV

We partner with World Energy Systems to provide the latest and best roof mounted PV systems. 

We’ve Been Building Solar For Over 35 Years

Our expertise spans over 50 years in solar energy, hot water and pool heating, as well as engineering, construction and project management. We bring these resources to you at affordable prices, on time, and on budget!

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Let’s Build Something Together

Whatever your solar power or heating needs, Solar Consultants can meet your requirements! We can scale from single-residence, to retail stores, to larger projects with our partners. 

Do you need a solar power solution for a home or small business?

We perform a pre-sales energy audit that matches the size of the solar array to your personal needs! This is in conjunction with local energy utility requirements. We strive to work hard so you don’t have any surprises. 

Looking for economical options for heating your hot water?

Let us take a look at your existing energy usage, and make recommendations as to how best to fulfill your hot water heating needs! We work with our partners to provide the best solution to you!

Do you want solar pool heating, to extend your swimming pool season?

We use Pentair and Solar Industries equipment to provide state-of-the-art solutions that allow remote monitoring and control of pool temperature, lighting and other entertainment! With the advent of smart home technology, and devices such as Alexa, Google Home and NEST, your comfort is at your fingertips!

Special Projects?

We can advise and recommend technology that interfaces with your existing home or small business networks. We do home security audits, as well as surveillance. Don’t be left unprotected! Call us to set up an appointment for one of our specialists to give you a professional assessment today! 

Tax Credits

Depending on your utility company and legislative decisions, it may be possible to achieve tax credits for your project. Currently, solar PV has a 30% tax credit. Coupled with our available financing options, you can get started immediately on your solar energy project!


In order to help you decide on how best to approach adding solar energy solutions to your home, business or other project, we have added a series of guides and resources for your convenience! Feel free to contact us regarding any questions, or to have one of our field representatives contact you to set up an appointment.

Client Testimonials

“Solar Consultants are fast, professional and reliable!”


“Professional, and made clear all the questions I had about my solar project..”


“These guys know what they are doing! Couldn’t be happier!”


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